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What are you listening to?


Did he take his hat off and blind everybody? :laughing:

Love Yoakam. Dude can act, too.


The hat stayed on.


My wife and I actually refer to this phenomena as “Dwight Yoakam’s Disease”, guys who look pretty good in a cowboy hat but not so great without it. Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw are also suffers. :wink:


I get a magazine that comes with a free sampler CD. The last one I got only had seven tracks on it. “They’re being a bit cheap this month,” I thought.

I’ve just put the disc in my drive and seen the track lengths. Here’s an example:




I remember the first time I saw former Mets’ closing pitcher Billy Wagner without his baseball cap. It was so disturbing, I don’t even want to search for a photo of it.



First week UK sales of 106k - not bad at all.

Including his career with Oasis, As You Were is Liam’s ninth Number 1 in total, joining other artists with nine Number 1s records such as ABBA, Queen, Gary Barlow (Take That and solo) and George Michael (Wham! and solo). Speaking of Oasis, their greatest hits Time Flies vaults 17 slots to Number 15 this week.

The performance of Liam’s debut solo record this week nearly doubles the opening week total of Oasis’ own debut, Definitely Maybe, which tallied 56,000 back in its release week in 1994. As You Were is officially the ninth-fastest selling debut of the decade.

The album also posts impressive sales on vinyl, with 16,000 copies sold, giving Liam the biggest one-week vinyl sale in over 20 years, topping the Official Vinyl Albums Chart and Official Record Store Chart in the process.

With a bit more time passed, I’d say there are 2 particularly weak tracks on the album (including the opener and lead single Wall of Glass), but the rest are still solid.


In a very Rom-Com mood.


It’s a good one; reminds me of Dawson’s Creek.

I’m a sucker for a pop ballad - this is one of the best:



Monteverdi’s Orfeo played so damned beautiful by the Capella Reial de Catalunya.


You saw it comming.
Don´t say you didn´t.





I was thinking of this song all day- Friday was Simchas Torah, when we finish the entire Torah, which we do every year. This Sabbath we started it again, and the first portion is Genesis 1:1-6:8, including Chapter Four, which the song is based on, and is named after, the story of Cain and Abel.




Listening to the new Beck album; so goooooood.


A couple of the SiriusXM stations I listen to have been playing singles from it for a couple of months. I like what I have heard.