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A bit of a warning. The subject matter in this video is tough dealing with mental health and suicide. However, it is a very good song and the video treats the subject with respect.

The video was created in conjunction with The Campaign to Change Direction. If you or someone you love is struggling with depression, please check out their website. They have some very good advice with coping and ways to help identify when someone is struggling.


I was at this gig two years ago (standing probably a few feet to the right of the person filming this).


Wow, what the hell is this, even?

ETA: If that doesn’t work:


Not available, apparently.


It’s World Mental Health Day, something that myself and the band should be celebrating loudly, but we never do, because in reality we’re very bad at being loud about anything.
I’ve had an interesting interview recently where a journalist was asking me about the subject of Lighthouse and what caused it (question that comes up quite often, naturally). I said, among other things, that it makes me sad that mental health isn’t taken seriously (i’m only now being diagnosed with all sorts of shit that no one bothers to diagnose in Russia) and this makes people “suffer in silence”; the guy asked me then, what do i think we can do to change the situation? I said, i think everyone should find courage to speak up, and we should be the first ones, we should be a positive example of that, because people tend to trust musicians. Maybe, they feel we’re their friends if they love our music, and i want to be a friend to everyone who needs one. Maybe, they feel that they are not alone listening to the sad songs we write, and they are not alone. Maybe, if they see that we are open about how we feel, this will encourage them to talk to someone, and this can change the course of events so drastically. Depression is so often hidden from even the closest people, let’s try and make it less hidden, let’s talk. If you have no one you’d trust and you feel you can talk to me, i’m always here, ready to listen.


Rather than a regular new album, Belle and Sebastian announced they’re releasing three new 5-song EPs, in December, January, and February.




He’s pulled a Rudebox.

(I’m determined to make that a thing.)


It’s rubbish, maybe more entertaining though than just repeating the same old shit that was not very original to begin with.

Most bands have their time, nobody is looking to Paul McCartney or U2 to be on the cutting edge, no bands deliver exciting material for decades on end. Oasis had a great singer and a songwriter with a real gift for a riff and a tune. It’s done now. It was done 15 years ago really.


Not really.


I don’t expect cutting edge from these guys, but their efforts are not usually embarrassing like this is. Noel’s previous lead singles have been a clear departure from the Oasis sound without being Plastic Bertrand meets Ricky Martin.

Team Liam!


I thought it sounded like he was going for a Roxy Music/T Rex thing but ended up sounding a bit Status Quo instead.



Not so much but there is a sell by date on musical artists, they either go completely rubbish or keep up a bit the quality and fall into a comfortable niche of being not quite so exciting doing the same thing.

As I have a limited attention span, Noel doing Ricky Martin is more entertaining than Liam doing “Liam song with usual cut and paste #18765”. :smile:



I was going to pick one track off this, but then I thought fuck that shit the whole album is the balls. Have it.


I’m waiting for Dwight Yoakam to come on stage.