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What are you listening to?






This is SO GOOD it almost made up for Inhumans.



Just watch this for a couple of minutes. Since last year there is nobody currently left on the planet that control a crowd and play guitar like that.



In a few minutes I shall be going out to see this band, for the second time this week:



IMO Bob Dylan is the Poet Laureate of the 20th Century.

I think Lin-Manuel is a heavy contender for the 21st.



Sometimes i wonder if tarantino it´s not better at music than directing.

To clarify: I Did NOT say Writting.



Pleasantly surprised with the Liam Gallagher debut - the lead single was terrible, and I already skip it (it’s the opening track) but the rest is really quite solid and varied. One of the highlights would have to be Paper Crown:

The album’s been received pretty well so far too, Metascore of 73/100, compared to Beady Eye’s debut scoring 65/100 and the second and last album scoring 59/100 (I think the second album is much, much better than the debut).


I like the first half of the album, but I still need to get used to the second half.

I’ve only started working through this album, but I’ve loved this song since the Luke Cage series.



I know this sounds just like a Jewish Version of the Numa Numa song, but it’s a song honoring Rabbi Nachman of Uman, a Chassidic leader who lived at the end of the 1700s and Beginning of the 1800s who founded a major sect of Chassidism- Breslov. Today is the anniversary of his death, and in Jewish custom, a major Spiritual Leader’s deathday (Yortzeit) is a celebration of their lives. I feel a special connection to him, as he lived for two years in the same village that my grandfather was born in (Zlatopol, Ukraine.)


Naturally I’ve been caning the LG album; at this point I’ve sorted the wheat from the chaff - one of the three bonus tracks initially made me cringe, but it’s become quite the earworm - certainly the least Oasis-y track from him, it’s a bit Prodigy, a bit Primal Scream, a bit Tame Impala. “Doesn’t have to be that way”:

(@garjones likes this kinda stuff, right?)

(Noel’s new single will be unveiled tomorrow it seems; from previews it’s… it sounds particularly bad.)


A clear example of the whole being greater than its parts?