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What are you listening to?


I Remember that there is a story behind this song… sadly, i have forgotten it.
Luckly, i did not forgget how good it is.



The title is a reference to Dan Rather being mugged in 1986, but the song itself is about an older person who’s knowledge of the world comes from pop culture trying to understand youth culture


Talking of REM, I see there’s a 25th anniversary reissue of Automatic on the way soon (with live recordings, oddities/demos, videos and a remastered version of the album). I’d be interested if it weren’t for the eye-watering £75 price tag:

I think they did a similar thing for Out Of Time last year too. Maybe at half that price I’d be tempted, but even then I’d have to think twice.


The new Paradise Lost is pretty damn great.


"Nigun Simcha" is Hebrew for “Tune of Joy”





Never heard this before. I skipped ahead a bit, worried that it was an instrumental.

In keeping with the minimalist approach of Low, co-producer Visconti and Bowie originally recorded the track as an instrumental, bar the backing vocal (performed by Visconti’s wife, Mary Hopkin). Bowie then recorded his vocal after the rest of the band had left the studio, before trimming verses off the lyric, and leaving a relatively lengthy instrumental intro on the finished song.


Radio 1 are doing a Vintage long weekend to celebrate 50 years of broadcasting. Today’s the last day, but it’s not, as I thought, taking over normal Radio 1 (I wonder how that would have gone down), but a digital pop-up station. It’s all hour long segments of a little interview with an old presenter and then archive clips and songs. I’ve got the Simon Mayo one on at the moment. It’s weird to remember that he was there til 2001. He just had a live performance from Destiny’s Child. In my memory they’re years apart.

Here’s the full schedule. Fun looking at names I don’t recognise and trying to work out if they’re before or after my time.

It’s a bit hard to find from the iPlayer Radio homepage, so here’s the station page.


Chris Evans seems like a pretty huge omission there, given his prominence in the 90s.


Yeah. I thought originally it was shows with the original presenters coming back to do a slot and figured Evans was too busy on Radio 2, but then I noticed Mike Smith and realised it was just clips. Maybe they’re still bitter about how he left?


I was with the kids in the car a couple of Sunday’s back and as the local radio stations are so bad I connect my phone to the car stereo and stream UK radio. The moaned the songs on 6 Music were too slow so I switched to Radio 1 knowing they are aimed squarely at the young demographic and don’t play fuddy duddy older music.

Tuning in they were playing ‘Teenage Kicks’ followed by “Imagine”. I was double checking I had the right station until the DJ explained it was their ‘Greatest Hits’ show to celebrate the 50th anniversary. :smile:


Well at least it wasn’t too slow :smiley:



Oof. Mark and Lard has not aged well.


To be fair my son loved it. He only seems to like loud and/or fast songs and it’s a classic tune.