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What are you listening to?


This is rather awesome. Flying Colors are re-releasing their debut album in an un-mastered version. It sounds amazing:

Hold on to your hats! TODAY we’re releasing True Colors, the original sound of our first album, before it was commercially mastered. It’s available for $8 (excl. tax) as a digital download directly from us. You’ve heard of re-masters; this is an un-master!

The mainstream market demands albums to be LOUD, at the expense of sound quality. True Colors includes the original WAV files that Michael H. Brauer mixed down at Electric Lady Studios in NYC. It’s the same mix you know, but with more dynamics and detail.

(The video gives more details (and bad jokes) in captions: “commercial mastering required it to be louder than 1,000 cowbells”.)





I’m digging the new Primus album, The Desaturating Seven.

I love that percussive style of bass playing Les Claypool has.





@davidm, one for you (hopefully the right thread)?


I suspect not many people realise it, but the prog scene today is bigger and healthier than it ever was in the 60s and 70s. The bands might not be filling stadiums now, but there are so many of them, all over the world. It’s a massive genre, but still a completely underground movement just as it started out before it became (briefly) fashionable.

I consider myself fairly clued-up on the prog scene, and yet I’ve never heard of a single one of the bands on that page before :smiley:





I’ve never heard this song before; it apparently made it to #4 here. Interesting reading, the Wiki page.

And I’d never heard that Queen song before either. I’m no huge Queen fan, but that track seems particularly poor in terms of lyrics and the vocal melody (what melody?).

Lotta Prince up in here. “Money don’t matter 2 nite” is a nice sounding song, but I do bristle at the sentiment from a millionaire:

That’s when you find out that you’re better off
Makin’ sure your soul’s alright (make certain that your soul’s alright)
'Cause money didn’t matter yesterday,
It sure don’t matter to night

One of the music channels was doing a “Top 1,000 90s songs” countdown last night, and I was subsequently reminded of this track from 2001 - it’s The Supermen Lovers with Starlight:


That song just reminds me of having MTV on in the background when we’d come home from clubbing.
Good times :rofl::man_dancing:


While it would be impossible to pick a favourite Bowie track this would be a contender for the top spot for sure.



One of my favourite songs. This is a great version, but even if you don’t like the song it’s worth watching this for the Vangelis anecdotes (he told exactly the same story when I saw him on the UK tour):


And the original version with all the keyboards:


And now for something completely different. The band I’m going to see on Tuesday: