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What are you listening to?


I’d far sooner listen to a lot of 90s pop punk band then the Darkness. And I love glam


I didn’t say I like them, just that I have a bias for some reason on the genre. I think it’s the political and cultural and temporary thing. If they are ‘pop punk’ or ‘nu punk’ I’d be fine probably. I admit it is slightly irrational but I cannot take seriously Green Day or Blink 182 being described as punk.





That’s nothing to do with the Darkness being 30 years too late, though, it’s just that the Darkness weren’t very good.

I saw them live (twice!) just before they made it big, and thought they were entertaining but musically a bit crap. I was astonished when they suddenly had hit records.


They rode the edge of being a novelty act really, though, didn’t they? I think they were only hugely popular fairly briefly for that reason.


I agree, they were a bit of a pastiche really, Christmas single with double entendre title and all.


Saw them at the Big Day Out at their peak, riding the wave of the first album before the second one bombed

  • it had some good singles though; here’s one:

They were entertaining - I’d take them more seriously generally than Green Day and Blink-182 (though I did enjoy the American Idiot album back in the day).


That was my favourite song they did. Mainly for the camp-as-Christmas video.





Joshua Burnell has an on-going project where he’s recording one song a week throughout the year. He’s just started the last leg of the marathon, “Autumn”, and the first song is epic:





Having a 90’s pop revisit after this popped up on Twitter;



Metal. you know, like Disney