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What are you listening to?


Because @njerry mentioned my favorite song of all time.




Just goin’ to post this again because I’m convinced this song is life.




I cannot describe what this game means to me. The title track sends me to a good place.



Oh yeah…


Synth dance goodness.


The had a showing of Scott Pilgrim in an LGBT outreach centre last week for Bi Awareness week. And annoyingly I wasn’t able to go.


Just heard this over the weekend. Evidently it’s a punk supergroup with Tim and Billie Joe Armstrong. Not too shabby.



Punk supergroups can only happen if the acts are from the 1970s. :smile:

(I expect a like from Meadows).


I hear that song kind of regularly on some of the satellite radio stations I listen to.


You know punk kept going after the 70’s. :wink:

Sadly, it would actually be a bit difficult to do a supergroup with the guys from the 70’s now.


If you mean whiny kids putting on ‘Mockney’ accents, no I don’t think it did. :smile:


How old are you? :wink:


You can cast me into the grumpy old men thread. :smile:

It’s not really that though. I have a personal issue that I find most of that 90s - naughties punk revival stuff to be derivative and diluted. There was a certain self-destructive element to the original movement I subjectively find hard to square with the later stuff. When I can hear them doing impressions of the original singers it drives it home more.

I don’t apply the same standards to other genres for some reason. The Darkness can be glam rock 30 years after it was a thing.


I tend to agree with you on punk music. The original stuff had a rawness and for lack of a better term, pureness in the performers and the music.

Have you seen these documentaries?