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What are you listening to?


I was waiting, waiting for a long time
In the dark shadow of grey towers
In dark shadow of grey towers
In the shadow of the Raining Towers


Joshua Burnell’s arrangement of John Playford’s “Nobody’s Jig”:





Did they play that one at Sun City? :smile:



Amazing new McCartney tune:



I’m still very much in a Beatles-listening state, on account of that podcast that started in November. I always knew that here were loads of Beatles studio bootlegs but never really looked into it - until now. So daunting.

The fast version of Strawberry Fields!

Tomorrow Never Knows with the guitar solo not backmasked!



Mainlining Crazy Ex-Girlfriend songs this morning. For some reason this track resonates



Angelfire, the album by Steve Morse and Sarah Spencer. It’s … hmmm. It’s nothing remotely like the Steve Morse Band with vocals (but I can’t imagine what that would sound like anyway). Sarah Spencer is a fairly lightweight pop singer and these are fairly lightweight pop tunes.

This is the opening track, and you can definitely hear Steve’s tone in the guitar but it’s so … subdued :confused:

It’s not a bad album, I certainly don’t hate it, and one or two tracks really stand out, but overall … hmmm. I’m not sure who the audience for this is, but I don’t think it’s me :smiley:




Listening to Arab Strap on the night shift and getting funny looks from my colleagues.




Earworming since 1984.

No, seriously, the new Duck tales are fantastic.