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What are you listening to?



Reminded me of this very funny thread from earlier in the week:





Great song to listen when you write…
At least it worked for me.



I’m really liking the new Kesha album.


About once a month, maybe every couple of months I watch Blake do his thing, without vocals (I love Tommy’s vocals, but the drummer in me likes being able to focus on the drums sometimes).




A new remix single from George Michael. Nile Rodgers accompanying.


I saw Chantel McGregor live a couple of days ago, and my jaw hasn’t quite made its way back up off the floor yet. Incredible blues-rock guitar playing.


In my continuing of the ‘I Love the 1980s’ BBC shows they came up to Soul II Soul in 1989. My uncle was the owner of a small finance company in London and a year or two earlier received a loan application from Jazzie B who led the band. He was quite hands on so went to his studio to listen before he approved, I’m quite proud of him because despite being a middle aged white bloke he understood the music was great and signed it off.

It got paid back, no problem. :smile:


For fans of the early Cure albums



Deliverance - Opeth



I was made aware of this through the “Screw it…” Beatles podcast - a great and unexpected cover of one of my favourite “white album” tracks; it’s Fats Domino’s “Everybody’s got something to hide except me and my monkey”:



Much plagiarised, never surpassed: