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What are you listening to?


From THe US version of “Life on Mars”.
Great song.


Found this the other day… a pretty fuckin cool superband if you ask me…

Also, wft’s up with Doug Pinnick??? the guy’s like 66 years old and he’s still in awesome shape, vocal and physical… amazing :o




She’s pulled a “Rudebox”.


This is actually really close to some of the stuff my wife does. She even uses straws and stuff to work on tongue tension and odd sounds to get the vocalists where they need to go. Hers is more focused on something called belting that is more associated with musical theater and is often placed in contention with classical/operatic training.


What she does in her private life is her own business.


It’s a phrase I’m coining. Pretty pleased with it. The musical equivalent of “Jumping the shark”.


I thought ‘jumping the shark’ was about things that start off good.


Here’s Melvins and Mastodon playing together with 3 drummers.
One of the heaviest things I have ever seen


Saw FLA for the first time last week.
They were brilliant


A few albums of critical and commercial success; an imperial phase.

A la Robbie, ending a really solid run with Rudebox.


I’m exceptionally jealous


I’m not going to watch that now - there’s no way my phone’s speakers could handle that! I’ll save it for the tv/sound system at home!


After finishing Chrono Trigger the other day, I’ve still got the soundtrack in my head, so I’m listening to a (sort of) orchestral version on YouTube.


This song rules my world right now. It’s all I can think about.



Not terrific recordings but great energy.


Topical :wink: