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What are you listening to?


Now you really are taking the piss. That’s like comparing The Beatles to Steps.

Take a step back from the glamour and the mystique and Oliver Stone. That “Hello” song by The Doors may be worth considering against some the best tunes from Black Lace. Even Bowie’s worst indulgent offcut = infinitely better.


Bowie had the advantage of longevity, but if you level the playing field by looking at the first 5 years of his recording career (i.e. the total length of Jim Morrison’s recording career), that’s just the four albums up to Hunky Dory. Four great albums, to be sure (even though nobody bought the first one and probably can’t name a single song off it) but pound-for-pound I think the Doors’ six albums in the same period are every bit their equal on whatever criteria you want to use.


The only criteria in which the Doors exceed Bowie is shittiness.


I’m sorry, I have no way of refuting mindless anti-doorsism.


There’s nothing mindless about anti-doorsism.


In unrelated news, here is piece of sublime, intelligent, rock artistry:


Any love for Eric Burdon and the Animals?

Personal favorite:


Not taking the piss. We’ll have to agree to disagree.

(And don’t ask me what I think of Prince.)


No, this one can be proven with graphs and charts!


I wasn’t really up with “classic rock” in the 90s, so although I remember there being a sudden proliferation of Doors “greatest hits” CD ads, and girls at school sticking pictures of Jim Morrison on their folders and whatnot, I’d always assumed that they had always been considered part of the 60s pantheon - was that not the case? Was the Oliver Stone film a turning point?


Probably moreso in the UK, I believe they had a bigger impact in the US. During their active years only two of their albums made the top 20 and one of their singles. Their biggest hit is the re-release of Light My Fire to promote the film in 1991.

It’s not that they were unknown and never mentioned but they were relatively obscure and I only heard talk from musos and then suddenly a lot of people my age were into them. My impression at least was the iconography was bigger than the music before that, I can’t deny Morrison was a very handsome and photogenic man.


I can assure you that this has nothing to do with why I like The Doors.


You just like anyone that released records in the 1970s. We know that. :wink:


Well, duh :roll_eyes:


And to prove it, here’s a song from the last album I bought:

The album was released this year, the song was written in the 13th century, and I doubt that any of the musicians were even born in the 70s :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, the 1270s. :smile:


The Best of the Doors is one of my faves on spotify, there’s something about them I love. Can’t really put my finger on what it is exactly that I like.


They’re just frickin’ cool, man. Are you with me in feeling that they’re better than Bowie (as are the Bee Gees)?

Doors vs. Bee Gees is close though.


I liked the Doors for a long time. Their catalog just isn’t deep enough due to their short duration. It got played a lot on classic rock radio and just worn out for me.


I like Bowie but I can’t take more than a few songs from his at a time. The Doors can go on repeat for hours.

I’m not at all into the Bee Gees though