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What are you listening to?


Never heard this song before and didn’t realise NIN were around in the 80s. Even though they were, I’m surprised at just how 80s this particular NIN song sounds.

Currently my fave from Lorde’s album - Supercut:


It was their first album, Head like a Hole is, in fact their second ever single. The first was a cover of Dig It By Skinny Puppy Down In It.


Travis Barker does remixes where he replaces drum machines with him on drums and also generally adds a bit more rock feel. It think his webcam has trouble keeping up with him though.

When I saw the Smashing Pumpkins, they were touring on Ava Adore which is a fairly electronic heavy album for them. For some of the songs, they had guys on these huge kettle drums. It was a really cool show.


Enough about bands with two drummers. Time to talk about great bands without a bass guitarist:

The Doors
The Black Keys
The White Stripes
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

…any others?


Uh, I don’t think you’re using the term “great bands” correctly there.


Let’s compromise and agree that the Doors had their moment.


Because of Batman and Harley Quinn:




See, even you can’t help but hum them.


au contraire:


You’re not fooling anyone.





I’m with Lorcan on this one. The Doors are easily the most overrated band in history because Jim Morrison looked great and died young. They do have a couple of good tracks but the rest is dreck.

I was always a bit confounded when in college and the Oliver Stone movie came out that people seemed to be pretending to like this stilted mess with terrible lyrics:

It’s almost as good as some of the Wombles ouvre.


If Laura and I ever split up, it’ll be an argument about The Doors that does it.


Hey! I’ll have none of your veiled passive-aggressive digs at the Wombles :angry:

Come on, Mike Batt! Chris Spedding!

Chris Spedding! He was basically half the Sex Pistols!



That actually works incredibly well. Why is the guy in a clown costume though? That’s fucking creepy.


This article is just to cheer David up after I ribbed him.


I gave your post when I read that!

But then I unliked it when I read that.