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What are you listening to?


I’ve heard a few versions of Black is the Colour but never this one before. This is amazing:

The male part seems to be by Simone’s regular guitarist Emile Latimer, who appears to be the same Emile Latimer who played on Smoke on the Water on Ian Gillan’s 2006 covers album Gillan’s Inn. Which is even more amazing :smiley:


It looks like Billy Corgan is working on a new album produced by Rick Rubin and credited as William Patrick Corgan. The first song sounds pretty cool, like an acoustic Smashing Pumpkins song.

It reminds me a bit of First by Cold War Kids.


Because i want today´s class to be about this.


Ozzy Osbourne played a tiny venue connected to a winery near my hometown for the solar eclipse and ushered in the totality with the song Bark at the Moon.

Oddly the Rolling Stone article doesn’t even mention the location which was Walker’s Bluff Winery in Carterville, Illinois. I’ve had dinner there once or twice but have never been to their concert venue outside.


It’s amazing how a slight difference to the standard band formation makes such a difference. Adam and the Ants used two drummers and it was a revelation at the time.

I’ve found I have a tendency to like bands that lead with a bass guitar against the norm, like The Police and Nirvana.


Another band that had an interesting sound in that way was Ned’s Atomic Dustbin. They had two basses, one played almost lead and the other as standard bass.


Ned’s Atomic Dustbin were such a massive band when I was in college. Never really reflected in chart position but they must have made a mint off the t-shirt sales.


As a Ben Folds Five fan I endorse this message.

(Their setup was piano/drums/bass.)




You’d probably like Emerson Lake & Palmer:



Why weren’t they called Ben Folds Three? :confused:


Because Ben Folds Five sounded better.

(Genuinely, this is the reason he has always given.)


It’s not exactly creating the same impact though is it? All a bit jazzy and technical.

Adam and the Ants are pounding away.


Hey why didn’t that embed? It’s the forum’s anti-prog agenda, isn’t it? :angry:


The board objected to the fact that you said it was led by bass guitar when it was a bloke noodling away on the piano. It is sentient now.


Dammit, you’re a hard man to please:


And while there’s only one drum machine on the actual track, the drummers back to back in the video for Head Like a Hole by nine inch nails looks fucking awesome

(one of those drummers is Martin Atkins of Pigface, obscure noise music fans!)


And this is an awful quality clip, but the second time I saw Combichrist live they had two drummers (and a backing track), and the wall of percussion was amazing

If I’m remember the gig properly, I’m one of the people at the very front in this clip


I’m trying to remember if I ever saw a live band with two drummers, and I don’t ever think I did :frowning:

There was that one gig where Nicko McBrain guested on stage with Deep Purple, but he just wandered around the stage banging a tambourine so I’m not sure it counts.


No wait, I saw Ian Paice plus Van Romaine plus the persussion section of the London Symphony Orchestra. How could I forget the best concert I’ve ever been to? :slight_smile: