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What are you listening to?


As you wish


Ooo. That’s a nice double kick.


Are you implying there might be a theme to my listening today?


Much of this album deals with heartbreak (from real-life; poor lass) and partying - this is one of the two slow, pained tracks, performed live for VEVO.

The opening lyrics - paints her ex really badly; he really did a number on her.

Break the news, you’re walking out
To be a good man for someone else
Sorry I was never good like you
Stood on my chest and kept me down
Hated hearing my name on the lips of a crowd

Did my best to exist just for you
Bet you rue the day you kissed a writer in the dark
Bet you rue the day you kissed a writer in the dark




I adore that Peter Gabriel album (his 3rd one as he was an arse that named his first 4 albums as ‘Peter Gabriel’). It was on heavy rotation for me as a teenager. “The Intruder” also features a comb and elastic band intro.

This one is a great predictor of the fame obsessed era to come:




You mis-spelled “unconventional genius”.





Mike Patton / Dave Lombardo project Dead Cross.


Listening to the new Sylvan Esso album a lot:


I’m considering seeing Chantel McGregor in a couple of weeks. Still undecided, but it’s a local gig and she’s not bad, so…


A new tool in my fun arsenal. :wink:


I heard Rick Astley interviewed a little while back and he’s an interesting guy. Unlike most pop stars that moan they got ripped off he said he earned a load of money from his 80s hits and managed his money wisely. So for nearly 30 years he made a few albums for his own enjoyment that basically sold nothing but he wasn’t that concerned as he was having fun (probably earning some Youtube cash from all the Rickrolls too).

Then last year he released one called 50 (because he’s that old now) and it went to No.1 and platinum in the UK and sold loads in Germany too, so he’s back.

He always had a great soul voice.


Listening to the new album by Wildwood Kin. It’s pretty good, but not exactly what I was anticipating. I thought it was going to be a lot more folky and hippy than it is. Still a nice set of songs though.


That song’s pretty great. I really like any interview I’ve ever seen with Astley. I hope he makes some serious money off Youtube views of Never Going to Give You Up. I for one try to contribute.

I also like in the Foo Fighters cover that the guitar riff at the beginning is essentially Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Edit: Another great Foo Fighters/Rick Astley team up. :wink: