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What are you listening to?


Ronnie James Dio? That’s awesome.




I saw them in 2006 or so, the Playing the Angel Tour and thought it was great. They recorded the gig as they played and sold it afterwards. It was a double CD so I assume this wasn’t the time you saw them?

Devy is the shit, yo.


But his name isn’t Ronnie. :confused:

The confused emoji doesn’t looks more sad and pensive than confused to me.


Released in 1965, when he was 24. He recorded an album’s worth of singles between 62 and 67, and they all sound this good (apart from a couple of dodgy choices when he seemed to be trying to emulate a British beat group).

I love that genre of 1960s big pop ballads, and I think Dio was as good as or better than any of his contemporaries in the genre. He probably switched to rock the right time, though, as the genre has pretty much run its course by the late 60s.


He recorded two albums under the name Ziltoid the Omnscient, and used to have two bands, so he could record different types of music depending on where whether he was up or down on his bipolar spectrum.

Though I suppose recording an album under the name Ronnie is pretty weird, even for Devin…


It’s interesting how many artists had an early doo wop-ish phase.

You can hear some of the Jamaican influence in this one but this is early Bob Marley.


Haken’s Restoration EP


Feeling Blue?


They’re back!
Time to dust off your cowbell.



I’ve been catching up with The Doubleclicks, and while this is an older song, they did a new video that made it rain a little on my face


Really falling back in love with NIN.


This, for some reason…


Fast and Bulbous.


After watching Dunkirk, I’ve grown addictive to movie’s soundtrack. Fuck Zimmer’s Oscar for Sherlock Holmes, this is well worth it. The Mole, Oil and Submarine, though the latter two are very much alike. And I know I said if they could make music less blaring in movie, but this is really awesome!!


I somehow found this therapeutic.



The men who will not be blamed for nothing.
This is a fantastically creepy song about an atheist trying to convince themselves that their house isn’t haunted.



Needs to be faster and louder. :wink: