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What are you listening to?


Cloudbursting is stil my favourite Kate Bush moment, and she’s had a lot. It’s an incredible song.

I did like the Utah Saint sample though, and still do.


The Sonics - You’ve got your head on backwards

A song I heard at the pub down the road from work one Friday while having lunch a few years ago. Whoever’s iPod it was that was hooked up there featured a bunch of cool stuff; I’d often spend lunch using SoundHound on my iPhone to ID the tracks.

That pub is now closed, the site for sale.

I thought this was a mid-2000s act; garage revival. Nope - they’re from the 60s and this song was released in 1966.


Always time for new Mogwai.


The grunge world deliberately avoided solos, but in addition to Oasis (of course. See/hear Live Forever or even Don’t Look Back in Anger) there’s the Manic Street Preachers, Stone Temple Pilots, Smashing Pumpkins, Guns ‘n’ Roses, and Radiohead, among others.




Even The Bends era?


I’m not familiar enough with that to say. Maybe they changed style. To be honest, I find Radiohead pretty boring, at least the stuff I’ve heard.





First we go back to 1968 when Mason Williams was "Classical Gas"sing with orchestras.

Not the greatest quality video. Williams had one of the great “attacks” (the precise manner in which the string(s) are struck or plucked) since maybe Paco De Lucia. Maybe not Segovia, but he was in a class by himself. (I can pick our Segovia’s playing from about a mile away. Like Jimi or Stevie Ray.)

And since we recently lost him, one with Glen Campbell.




Happy 45th birthday to the greatest live album ever recorded:

(That’s just one person’s collection!)


Why did you make a post about No Sleep Till Bedtime by Strapping Young Lad and then include all this Deep Purple stuff?


Ladies and gentlemen, this was the greatest heavy metal singer the world has ever known:



That and Rush are my two favourite tracks on Songs of Faith and Devotion. Got tickets to see them here in November!


Devin Townsend?!


I swore I’d never go see them again after I saw them in the point and the played for 70 minutes for €40 odd.

Kinda tempted to go this time though…

Rush is a legend of a track though