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A top 10 hit for Macca in 1984, No More Lonely Nights has a decidedly proggish (@davidm) feel towards the end on account of Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour on lead guitar. It’s a bit dated but I think it still works.


We need more violence round here.


I just listened, thinking it was weird I have no memory of the song, it must have been played to death when I was a student. As soon as the chorus started I recognised it, just didn’t recognise the title.

Nice guitar solo but I wouldn’t personally say “proggish”. Guitar solos were the norm on all soft rock songs of that era.

Then the 90s came along and no-one in a mainstream band in that generation knew how to play a guitar solo, so as soon as you hear one now you assume the song must be metal or prog :wink:


They were but I have to say, and I knew the song at the time, that the last minute is very Pink Floyd now it is pointed out.


This is very Pink Floyd. There is no guitar playing on it :slight_smile:

But yes, you’re right, Gilmour’s sound is very distinctive.


I just thought it was funny that it sounded so not-Macca (no slouch in the guitar department himself). There’s something about that tone that sounds sad and evokes a crisp, cold night.




Jewish Numa Numa:


The new Liam effort; more my flavour compared to the two previous “singles” - “For what it’s worth”:

The middle eight at 2:55 is pretty pretty. Very solo Lennon overall.



I love this album (Lorde’s Melodrama); this song is a highlight (Perfect Places):


A concert version of “The Song”…