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What are you listening to?


I love it when “lyrics videos” say:




Because of a recent news item involving Tom Wopat:




That’s so 72 hours ago …



Is listening to your own music a form of audial masturbation?




This morning my phone has insisted on playing green day and linkin park, so I’m fully expecting news that Billie Joe Armstrong has died



That song may have popped into my head…



I can see @JRCarter on a chronological journey here. A great one though.


This is a pretty well known video by now. Prince at around 3 and a half minutes in plays a solo that puts him firmly in the realms of the greatest guitarists in history. The thing that makes me laugh is at the end he throws it in the air and it seemingly never comes down. I was reading a biography the other day that said the other guys on stage all claim they don’t know where it went.

I mean he could have employed David Blaine at that point but I think it’s maybe more a case that the myth is always more fun.



One of my favourite ever covers - Nirvana’s Lithium as performed by The Polyphonic Spree:



Good tune, and a mighty purdy Gibson SG Custom (with tremolo). Whether that’s vanilla, creme, or a funky yellow they had for a couple years, I dunno.


Listened to the new five track release from Nine Inch Nails. The first track is pretty good. I suppose it get an automatic pass for doing the whole “makes you want to dance regardless of where you are” thing.

The other four tracks? Less successful. At their best they sound like “Nine Inch Nails by numbers” (and I suppose the first track is guilty of that to an extent) and at their worst their just bloody boring.


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