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What are you listening to?



With heavy eyes and heavier riffs, I bring none other than SLEEP to the table.


Sweet Dee has some pipes!


Chelsea Wolfe is a goth singer/song writer who has been leaning more towards the metal side of things.
The new album has the guitar player from QOTSA on it. It sounds great.


I’m in a goofy mood, so I’m listening to these joke songs…

Don’t judge me! lol


Wow, I’d not heard this song before, but it was recommended on that Beatles podcast I listen to. Pretty stuff - Wanderlust by Paul McCartney:


This is the longest title ever for a UK number 1 single, it’s about the Spanish Civil War. It also includes the line “So if I can shoot rabbits then I can shoot fascists”, which is really quite fantastic.


So much for the tolerant left


For whatever reason that I have no idea about, one fine day in the dim dark past I was strolling down Hollywood Boulevard, I think heading for a hamburger. I was passing the Pantages Theater, which was at the time hosting “Beatlemania”. Of all things, they had a matinee performance for some ridiculous price like two dollars, starting in ten minutes, In I went! There were maybe fifty people in the audience, scattered about, so i took the sweet spot Row 3 just right of center. The cast were superb! The fellow who played McCartney had two acoustic solos, “Blackbird” and “Yesterday”, and he sat on the seat in front of me (plenty of empty seats) for Blackbird. It was a tremendous fun surprise afternoon.

btw, I had seen Beatlemania downtown in a huge production earlier that year, and the cast at the Pantages was much better!


How about some really rare footage? CCR from French TV!


Just reveling in the madness that is Devin Townsend.







This is a fuckin travesty right here…


Especially for @Will


No, it’s just that Calvin Harris is a fuckin tit. He’ll have over processed the vocal and compressed the shit out of the track.

I don’t know it, I couldnt put myself thru the list as it’s mostly derivative garbage, but he’s a fuckin bawbag.


Mark Ronson…there’s another c*nt