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What are you listening to?


This is actually the only song on the list I bought as a single (although I have a couple more on albums). Looking at the release date I was 9.


… How?


I’m surprised, it was a pretty big hit. Half Man Half BIscuit did a wonderful ‘tribute’ called Dickie Davies Eyes after the renowned World of Sport presenter.


That’s what I wondered :confused:

In 1981 I wasn’t really buying pop music, so I mostly listened to what my sister bought (she bought a lot of singles). I guess she didn’t like this.


You do know this is a remix of the Really Wild Show theme tune?


I don’t even know what the Really Wild Show is.

But that clip is funny :smiley:


It was what replaced Animal Magic. To be fair to Ronson he is British but he moved to New York in 1983 and the show started in 1986 so it is almost certainly coincidence.


After reading the list and David’s commentary (with which I mostly agree - ‘cept talkin’ bad 'bout Johnny Horton) - only real earworm remains I’m A Believer. Used to see Dolenz around from time to time - coffee shops and such. ('way back in Hollywood, before the Dark Days, before the Disco.)

Smooth really rates. Hypnotic.


I’m listening to Kevin Smiths podcasts Fatman on Batman. Kevin Smith is amazing. I’m learning a lot about the history of the comic industry when he has people like Neal Adams or Jim Lee and Grant Morrison on his channel. I wish there where more of these so I can listen and learn as I work.


I hate Smooth, and that irritating noodling guitar. The guitar in the track with Michelle Branch is even worse.

I’m more surprised that Lorde copped a “bland” from David. She’s amazing - and that new album is great!


I didn’t realize Lorde had a new album out. I never fully gave “Pure Heroine” a chance. I kinda just kept playing “Tennis Court” and “Royals.”

P.S. Currently listening…


Would never talk bad about Johnny Horton. But he’s competing with this:

Horton does a good folk version, but Lonnie Donegan rocks :slight_smile:

Bonus Lonnie Donegan song because he’s awesome:


Scheer were one of the more interesting bands to come out of Ireland in the 90’s a mix of alt rock and the 4AD indie aesthetic.
Pity I got rid of the CD years ago :frowning:


I saw them live in 1994 or so. They were the first act in an all day mini-festival and made very little impression.


In the interest of fairness, I’ve listened to the full track, and it’s not as bad as the clip made it seem. She can sing and it’s got an interesting sound.


Today listening to Valenor and wondering how a band this great escaped my notice for so long:


And now for something completely different. This is what prog rock is all about. Total Eclipse by the incomparable Klaus Nomi:


New Belle & Sebastian!


This came on the radio earlier. Ties in with the Kylie discussion going on in another thread. Love this song.


Oh, this came on now!