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What are you listening to?


Tatoos are against the Torah (Lev 19:28) :wink:


Ya. Their playing with the notions of Jewishness and purposefully playing fast and loose with a few things. It’s kind of their MO.


This Lucas Nelson and Lady GaGa duet is really good.


i have tickets to see him with his dad in September. Should be good.


Neither is “screwing shiksas” Jewish. In fact, the prohibition of interfaith relationships is so strong, the Talmud states that in past generations there were those of a high spiritual level called Kanuyim who had permission to execute vigilante justice on a Jewish man they saw sleeping with a Non-Jeish woman. They derive this from the story of Phineas (the prototypical kanuy) in Num 25.
Fun fact- from that story I was able to predict the Bill Cosby sex scandal. The woman that Phineas killed’s name was Kazbi- pronounced the same by Ashkenazim as “Cosby”. Around my Bar Mitzvah, the same time we were reading this in the yearly Torah cycle (which we just did again last week) I learned two statements of the Talmud: That we can judge a person by their name, based on Biblical associations, and that the sex with Kazbi wasn’t just sex- the Talmud says that the man’s testicles “became like rotten eggs”. Therefore, I concluded that Bill Cosby was a “pervert”. And I was justified.


Lately I’ve been mostly juggling between Kid Cudi “Indicud” and Haim “Days Are Gone


This was the music that made me a rock fan. I was never that fussed about pop as a (young) teenager, if I heard any then it was what my sister played, and she wasn’t into hard rock at all. But as a student I started hearing interesting noises coming out of fellow students’ rooms. At the end of my first year, with some empty days after my exams and some money left out of my grant, I asked one guy, “What are the best records to buy to get into rock music?” He said, “Rainbow Rising by Rainbow and Bat out of Hell by Meat Loaf.” I went to the record shop and bought Rainbow Rising. Went back to my room, and heard something that sounded like (without exaggerating) nothing I had ever heard before:

After the first play through, I went back to the shop and bought Bat out of Hell too :smiley:

I played those two albums on rotation for the rest of the summer … until a friend loaned me Deepest Purple and I heard the song that I still think is the greatest musical achievement of the modern age:




I saw Willie this spring. He’s doing pretty well for 84.


Was Bob Dylan with him on the leg of the tour you saw? He’s not supposed to be on mine but I read that he was on earlier parts.


Caligula would have blushed…


Dwight Yoakam opened and put on a hell of a show.




Joshua Burnell has a project where he’s recording a folk song every week for a year. I wish I had discovered it sooner, because it’s going to take me ages to catch up. This is my favourite so far (I’m only on January!), mainly because flute.




I adore this song. When I was a kid in the mid 80s I understood the video, which wasn’t that subtle and very brave at the time, was about the experience of being gay and from a small town and not accepted. I’m not gay but I was bullied at the time and felt empathy with what Jimmy was singing about. It’s also a great electronica song with sensational falsetto vocals.

I like this version as it shows the lyrics, I think there’s not much more powerful than pure pop music with an intelligent message.


The only anti-bully song I heard as a kid was Cash’s “A Boy Named Sue”. which has a completely different message.