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What are you listening to?



Just a pic of Roger Waters at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. This is the view from the VIP seats.





Listening to a Boss Caine (aka Dan Lucas) CD I bought at a gig recently. Not the style I normally go for, but he was very good in concert. I guess this is how English people do “country”:



New LG effort - pretty catchy chorus, nice synth/keyboard highlights in the second half of the song.


After discovering my mother’s original record. Don’t have a record player, though, so I’m listening to it on YT:


Listening to my neighbor drunkenly yelling along to techno music.


It’s okay, it’s not real techno if there’s words.


I am not sure what the genre is, it was a simple pop tune with lyrics and a techno like beat behind it. Now he’s progressed to a weird kind of trash metal Andre Rieu tunes.


It sounds like 1996.


Oh shit now he’s singing along to Hallelujah.


Well Of course.


Because there’s nothing more meta than one band making a joke song about DJs matching up their song with another band’s music, and then the other band does a mashup/remix



That should be just before the drunken passing out.


Is just me or this song has a very rape-y Vibe?

I don´t know, i just feel a little guilty for liking it.