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It’s amazing how well West End Girls works as a metal song, even the lyrics.







Figured someone would do this -

At Glastonbury, Liam sang “Don’t look back in anger” a capella; this hasn’t been heard before (he let the crowd sing the chorus, it’s out of his range) - someone edited his verses together with the music and Noel’s live chorus vocal.


I think he was right not to sing it before, there’s barely a note in tune.


Watching the BBC Glastonbury coverage I’m becoming an ever bigger grime fan, Wiley was excellent. I was kind of in on the ground floor as I bought Dizzee Rascal’s first album but it never gets any airplay here so fell out of touch.

I’m not a huge fan of a lot of recent US hip-hop as the R’n’B tones are a bit overdone and overproduced and middle of the road by now (of course there are exceptions). The harder, more raw and dirtier sounds of grime have me attracted back to rap.



I’m remixing this.


U wot mate?

Nah, it’s mostly in tune - his timing’s off because there wasn’t any music to follow.


God knows I’m the last man to defend the Gallaghers, but I doubt there are many rock singers of any era who could sing an entire song a capella and hold their tune throughout.

But I think that in a rock concert – probably especially in a setting like Glastonbury – the “feel” of the song is more important than the technical perfection (and you’ll never get that feel via a youtube clip) and I imagine that for the crowd it was an awesome moment.


I don’t know, my friend is a massive Oasis fan and his one word review was ‘rubbish’. It can happen like that sometimes, I love The Stone Roses but Ian Brown was the worst live act I’ve ever seen.

The Foo Fighters opening was awesome, I caught that yesterday. (For context they were meant to headline two years ago but Grohl broke his leg).


Been getting back into Industrial music lately.
At this rate I’ll be in huge buckely boots and a trench coat in no time…


I wholeheartedly endorse this product or event.

I’ve been on a Front Line Assembly binge for about a week.


This week it has been nothing but Ritchie Blackmore…

The solo starts just before 3.30. He’s relying a lot of the slide at the moment, probably to give his fingers a rest. And he’s slowed down a bit and the solos are shorter (this one is only two minutes). But he still sounds fundamentally the same. And that’s the sound I travelled to Glasgow to hear on Sunday, and am travelling to Birmingham to hear again tomorrow.



This song by Perfume Genius is godly