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What are you listening to?


I’m having a Classical Music Wednesday. Currently listening to Thomas Wilson, Violin Concerto (1993). It’s the only piece I know by Wilson so I don’t know if it’s typical of his style, but I like it. It’s modern sounding but still fairly conventional. I’m not sure who I would compare him too… Walton, maybe? Though this opening sounds like it could be John Adams:






I’ve put on Blackstar by David Bowie for the first time since he died. It might rain on my face in the near future


The new Lorde album is really quite good.

Maybe it’s just familiarity, but Green Light is still my song of the year so far.



Kinda obsessed with this song lately:

Great lyrics:

Lord, I’m discouraged
The circles have sucked in her eyes
Lord, I’m discouraged
Her new friends have shadowed her life
Lord, I’m discouraged
She ain’t come out dancing for some time
And I’m trying to light candles
But they burn down to nothing
And she keeps coming up with
Excuses and half-truths and fortified wine
Excuses and half-truths and fortified wine
Excuses and half-truths and fortified wine
There’s a house on the south side
Where she stays in for days at a time

And that solo from 2:59!


Do i have to say something?


Some lofi vocal house classics for Father’s Day


After hearing of it’s existence several years ago, I’ve kind of kept my eyes out for a decent, low priced “RL” of Led Zeppelin II. My patience paid off as I finally found a VG copy for $18 at my local record store.

Edit: Reading further, it might not be a true “RL” copy as it only has the RL initials on one side. It does have the SS and what looks to be an incredibly tiny LH beside it. Here’s the copy I actually have.


Been searching for this song because of the sax riff:


Is the Foo Fighters’ cover better? Lose the sax-crime.



Na nach Nachma Nachman meyUman




This is kind of hilarious. I especially like the secondary songs on both videos. People Who Died is a song I used to try to convince my sister to use as her intro to our local AM station’s obituary segment (the most popular segment of her morning radio show).