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Liam’s voice in fine form:

Gets me in the feels:


It’s new Music Monday! This seems like a good week to listen to Cycle (2016) by Lady Maisery. Let’s see… three part harmony? Check. Harp, fiddle, and accordion? Check. Mix of modern and traditional music? Check. This is such a blatantly obvious attempt to force me to buy their CDs, and of course I fell for it…


I saw The Darkness live just before they broke big, and thought they were ridiculously entertaining, but didn’t think they would amount to anything. Then they pulled out of the second gig I should have seen them at to go and perform on Top of the Pops. It’s a funny old world :smiley:


I caught them at the Big Day Out in 2004 maybe - they put on a great show; they were followed on the main stage by the Hives, Muse and the Strokes. What a line-up. Metallica were the headliners so we left as they took the stage.

It didn’t really do well but there’s some good stuff on the second Darkness album too.








Transformers artist and all round guy Nick Roche did one of their videos as well:




Favourite Album Friday #18 brings me to Fireball (1971) by Deep Purple. Often overlooked between the monster hits of In Rock and Machine Head, which is a shame because its musicality and eclectic choice of material shows a completely different side of the band, and really is why I love them so much.

If you only know Smoke on the Water and Highway Star, you need to listen to this: