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What are you listening to?


Time to learn some German words!



It’s Favourite Album Friday #17!

And for some inexplicable reason I’ve only just got to an album by probably my second-favourite band of all time: Yessongs by Yes (1973). A two-hour(plus) live recording, this doesn’t just have all their best music, it’s got the definitive versions of that music. This is what all music should be like:

(I picked one of the shorter songs on the album. I figured you wouldn’t want to listen to the long ones.)

I don’t know why Yes works. It’s five guys all playing lead instruments, and sometimes they sound like they’re not all playing the same song at the same time. But it works…


Not bad. I don’t think I’d heard Yes until that remix a just over a decade ago:






To ISIS-From The World:



Went to see the Human League the other night. OMG AMAZING. Phil Oakey is still the coolest thing in pants.

I’m such an 80’s head. Anyone else live and breathe the 1980’s?



It must be a Classical Music Wednesday, because today I am listening to Water (2011) by Esther Swift:

That’s just one movement, it’s a large-scale work lasting about 25 minutes in all. I think she’s probably, almost definitely, my favourite contemporary classical composer. And I’ll see two concerts of her music in Edinburgh on Friday :slight_smile:






I’m loving the Helium reissues.


Hoping to devote some time to really listening to the Sgt. Pepper 2017 remix this weekend. In the meantime we got Liam’s debut single.

It’s only alright. I’m not a fan of that stomping beat, or the harmonica in general.

He looks so much like Noel in the video - I’m not a fan of that haircut on Liam.


I am in a work meeting right now (as I surf the web, bored) and I want to blast this tune so bad. I can’t wait to get back to my office. (I have a subwoofer at my desk!)