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What are you listening to?



Blondie, yes. Collins, big yes. Mike…ish!





This song is why I believe MJ was innocent of all charges brought against him. No one could write a song like this and sing it with such passion if they were a molester:


Got the new Linkin Park album today. It’s pretty cool, but seriously chilled. Far departure from their early days. Not sure it’s going to go down well with their old skool fan base.


Favourite Album Friday #16, and today it’s Offerings (2007) by Odin Dragonfly.

I’m not sure how it’s taken this long to get to this album, when it features two of my favourite musicians and singers, and when it came out I was telling everybody it was the best album of the decade. I guess I don’t play it often enough these days, and I really should, because it all sounds like this:


FX has a new series called Snowfall coming soon and they’ve been using this song in some of their ads:




This song has such personal meaning for me:



New Music Monday! Today I have been listening to Mausoleum (2016) by Myrkur.

When somebody suggested I would like a live album by a Scandianvian Black Metal vocalist recorded in a stone crypt in Norway, I thought he was joking. But I tried it, and… oh my God, this is the most amazing sound ever:



Youtube commissioned filmmakers to produce the first official videos for 3 of Elton John’s iconic songs.




Because of the BK Mac an’ Cheetos commercial: