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What are you listening to?


I thought you were all winding me up and Linkin Park was going to be dreadful, but this isn’t bad at all :expressionless:

It’s a bit bland, not really adventurous or anything, but there isn’t anything to really dislike here.


Linkin Park were one of the bigger rap/rock bands. When that whole style kind of fell out (or maybe just became ubiquitous), they lost a lot of their distinction. Oddly, it seems like they’ve almost floated toward dance music by adding more synth and drum machine. They tend to go for generic emotional punch often with the conflict being with “you”. I like them. It’s interesting that they add almost an Irish jig backbone to parts of that song.


Does anyone here consider Charlie Daniels’ " The Devil went down to Georgia" country rap?

Just asking…:grinning:


Not really. It’s really only a slightly sped up version of older storytelling songs and likely has a lot of roots in traditional music.


I haven’t had a Classical Music Wednesday ™ for a while. So today I have been listening to Clouds by Esther Swift. It’s a concert suite for four harps, and possibly my favourite piece of contemporary classical music. It’s a perfect mix of conventional tunefullness with contemporary playing and compositional techniques, it uses minimalism without being a slave to it, and, well, it’s harps and how can you not love harps?

I can’t find a good recording to link to, but this is another piece by Esther Swift, called Interstellar Cloud (no relation, I think she just likes clouds as a subject):


No CDB was following the “talking blues” tradition, mixed with the ‘story song’ tradition that goes back to medieval balladeers and heralds. With a redneck twist.


I’ve always liked the video that goes along with the Prmius version of The Devil Went Down To Georgia.


All kinds of versions of this tune.



This is a piece of meditative religious music composed in the 1700s by Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi:


Blondie’s the least appealing part of the line-up to me.

Certainly better than Limp Bizkit (David would love them). I like a few of Linkin Park’s songs - “Bleed it out”, “Faint”, “Breaking the habit” and “What I’ve done”.


That was a great song. Rick Rubin produced that album.


One of the best “Non Tarantino- Non Morricone” OST ever.


Only a madman would want to see Mike and the Mechanics over Blondie!





Mike Rutherford and Blondie on the same stage :confounded:

1977 is spinning in its grave.


The Temple of the Dog project was amazing.


Been listening to The Smile Sessions.
In that kinda mood.