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What are you listening to?


I was thinking of John Shuttleworth’s classic May I march with April and June [in an August manner]. :slight_smile:


Neil Sedaka is awesome, and not at all creepy:


Full disclosure: Sedaka wrote Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen when he was 22, so it’s not totally creepy. Only a bit :expressionless:

He’s still an awesome songwriter, though. And everybody sang his material, even Led Zeppelin:



Short version:




(it is a Friday song)


February Stars is one of my favorites.

I don’t have much of an opinion on the others except for April and December.


Favourite Album Friday #15: Live 2009 by Mostly Autumn.

There are a lot of live Mostly Autumn albums to choose from, and while there are others that have a greater emotional meaning for me (2001 2004, 2010, all recorded at gigs I attended), the band were probably at their peak in this particular year. This double CD has a near-perfect set list and absolutely flawless performances. Behold:


Electric Wizard.












That’s been getting a lot of good press. I’d be tempted to go if I was going to be in London in the near future but I don’t think I will be.