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What are you listening to?



Buffy Flashback all of the sudden.



Friday and Sunday are perfect. I probably would have gone for Manic Monday and Tuesday’s Gone. Not sure what I’d pick for the others. :wink:


I had real trouble with Wednesday. :slight_smile:

Why hasn’t anyone written a good Wednesday song?


[quote=“RonnieM, post:2333, topic:178, full:true”]
I probably would have gone for Manic Monday[/quote]
And choosing this over Blue Monday is just wrong, Ronnie. :smile:


I like Blue Monday (and love New Order) but Manic Monday is much more familiar. Plus the Bangles have this.


Well I’m not going to argue with Walk Like An Egyptian.


An alternate for Friday that comes to mind would be Chica Me Tipo by Sublime. However, the normal version of the song is in Spanish, it doesn’t have Friday in the title and it’s slightly inappropriate.




Like I say, why hasn’t anyone written a good Wednesday song?



I’ll admit it’s not exactly a classic. Try this one instead:


Feeling a bit depressed



You should have used:


Can’t argue with November though.


I would never have guessed September would be such a controversial month.

To be honest I’m more an Earth, Wind and Fire guy, I put that one in there as a sop to Ronnie. I quite dislike Green Day and his silly singing accent. :smile:


I can only conclude that a Wednesday in September would be the most controversial day ever.


Impressive, @garjones, but you could have done the whole thing with much less effort: