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I just realized that the guys in Devo are wearing paper suits here. It’s the kind of thing rubber workers in their native Akron would have worn to load carbon black into the mixers to make tires. I’ve worn them more than a couple times. :wink:




I miss ska being more prevalent.


I’ve been going through this playlist of Japanese orchestral concerts of video game music from the late 90s (the concerts, rather than the music). Some of the best orchestration of game music I’ve heard.

Which reminds me: Classic FM started their new video game show, High Score, the Saturday before last, and it’s been pretty disappointing so far. The first episode was about BAFTA nominated scores, so was just an hour of pretty dreary, largely ethereal indie darling stuff and even ended on the host’s own work (from Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture), which is a pretty self-indulgent thing to do at any point, let alone in your first episode. The second was themed on heroes and was marginally better, but still seemingly reluctant to go for many of the big, well known pieces.


You could have saved a lot of extra words :slight_smile:


This tune really makes the end credits fly by, my little boy was dancing away, you can’t beat George Clinton and gang.


It’s Favourite Album Friday #14, which means I’ve been listening to Deep P…no, I haven’t! I’ve been listening to one of my other favourite bands, Magnum, and their live album The River Sessions (1985).

Coming right off the back of their best album, this was a perfect live set, basically a greatest hits of their early work. If you only own one Magnum album, it should probably be this one. Melodic hard rock at its best.

This isn’t the version on the album but it’s from the same tour:



Listened to the soundtrack to the first film this morning after enjoying the sequel so much last night.

Picked up the new Chris Stapleton album today and listened to it tonight.


This was used is a YouTube video about Tarantino that I watched yesterday - I don’t think I’d ever heard it before. It’s pretty good - “Good times bad times” by Led Zeppelin:


You’ve obviously been living in a monastery in Nepal. :slight_smile:


aNew Music Monday brings the new(ish) album from Magnum, Sacred Blood “Divine” Lies (2016).

It’s their 18th (I think?) album and nobody expects Magnum to change their formula now, but that’s ok we all love the formula: crunchy guitars, melodic keyboard hooks, sing-along choruses, and vocals from one of the best voices in the business (even if Bob’s showing his age a little these days).

I’m not sure how anyone could dislike songs like this…


I dislike songs like that.


Needs more cowbell.