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What are you listening to?


Agreed. Hard to beat the Specials.


I loved the effortless inter-racial aspect of that early 80s stuff in the UK. We never thought about it as kids. It was just music.


This is one of my favorites.


The Irish national anthem!


I also really like Rancid (mostly former Operation Ivy members) who I think were heavily influenced by the Specials.


I just got a ticket to see Iamthemorning in Chepstow in October. I don’t even know where Chepstow is :smiley:

Gleb Kolyadin, is probably the most awesome pianist I’ve ever seen in a rock band. And yes I’ve seen Emerson and Wakeman, and it’s still true:


South East Wales, in Monmouthshire. It’s a very pleasant little town. Has a castle. Could they not play any closer to you? :smile:


Well, they’re coming from St. Petersburg so they’re basically going out of their way to play as far from me as possible :anguished:

Chepstow looks nice. I hope it’s got a station. And a hotel. Otherwise I’m screwed :unamused:


It does have a station, used to go past there on the way to Liverpool. You’ll probably need to get to Crewe and then take the Cardiff train from there.

Never stayed but since it has a large national racecourse next to a very small town I think you should be fine for hotels.


It’s Favourite Album Friday #13 and we all know what that means… I’m listening to Ritchie Blackmore :slight_smile:

This time it’s Rainbow, Live in Cologne 1976. One of the four shows that made up the Live in Germany compilation, and this just edges it as the best of them mainly by virtue of the soloing in Mistreated:


A little Chassidic reggae today.


My pick for the song they use in the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3:


A little less Chassidic but still great.






Today is New Music Monday! And I am listening to Jigdoll by Hannah James (2016), her first solo album – and “solo” really does mean that, she writes the music, sings (multi-tracking the vocals), plays the accordion and plays percussion (mostly with her feet). And the result is generally pretty astonishing. I really regret not seeing her do this live.


Matisyahu put this out about a week ago. I really like it. It sounds like his usual stuff mixed with something different almost like some of the more recent soundtrack work from old school hip hop artists.


That’s the Warren Haynes Allman Brothers Band, with Derek Trucks playing that sweet SG. None wearing flannel.