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What are you listening to?


No instruments? A capella only?


Yes, unless it’s a sad song, though then only in private. Between Passover and Log B’omer, almost all of Rabbi Akiva’s students died, except for five. This was a big deal, because the Romans had banned The Ordination of Rabbis- a process called Smichah- which could only be done in the boundaries of Biblical Israel. Rabbi Akiva was the only one secretly giving Smichah, and so the death of most of his students almost killed the practice, which traces itself back to Moses’ leaning of his hands on Joshua in Deuteronomy. Smichah did eventually died out (though we still use the word to describe the the “diploma” given to new Rabbis), but by that point the systems needed for Judaism to survive without it were in place.


Thanky, bud!


Better Call Saul is back.


Sorry JR, I love Prince but that video was autoplaying which is very annoying so had to delete your post.






It’s Favourite Album Friday, and I am listening to Deep Purple In Concert 1970 - 1972. It’s a pair of live recordings for the BBC, interesting for the contrast between the 70 and 72 concerts and because of the time constraints imposed on the songs to fit in a one-hour radio broadcast. Also interest to hear probably the earliest performance of the Machine Head tracks, from before the album was even released. Even fresh out of the studio they don’t play the same arrangements, they’re already rewriting them!




Meanwhile, I broke down and listened to this:

Why does new music always have to be released at the wrong time?
EDIT: Actually, I just found out that listening to it was fully permitted, since being forced to wait for a new release from my favorite bands would depress me, and give me OCD, in which case listening to recorded music is permitted.


Moving from old Man from U.N.C.L.E. episodes to some music. Stated here.

Next is David’s Deep Purple post, above. Thanky, DM!


It’s New Music Monday! Today I’m listening to The Theater Equation (2016) by Arjen Lucassen. It’s a rock opera, played live, with a ridiculous array of vocal talent taking all the main parts.

The premise is James LaBrie’s character is in a coma after a car crash, and his individual emotions (Heather Findlay is “Love”, Anneke van Giersbergen is “Fear”, Irene Jansen is “Passion”, etc. … it really is an incredible cast) lead him through different scenes from his past.

The story works remarkably well, the staging is clever (you need to see the DVD for full effect), the music is a brilliant mix of melodic metal with folky elements, and the singers are just… well… just look how good the singers are:


One of my favorite positive songs.




I remember listening to Radio 1 far too many years ago in their evening show and they tipped Portishead as the new artist for the next year. It was an amazing combination of old movie soundtracks, Bristol trip hop and a jazz vocal. As with a lot of 90s stuff there was nothing truly original in there but equally when they played it I had never heard anything like it before due to the unique combo.

Tricky used the same old sample though in a different way, with more twisted lyrics.

“Reduce me, seduce me, dress me up in Stussy”.


I always thought it was funny when Tricky showed up Fifth Element.

Goldie’s short cameo in Snatch was equally as fun.


To the sound of Ghost Town, what an awesome tune: