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What are you listening to?


I was humming Want You Gone to myself last night as a matter of fact!


Very annoying. I guess I never looked for them before. Their Vevo portal is really poor too, though they do have what might be my second favourite Beatles song:




This is what I’ll be listening to tonight:

If anyone wants a CD, let me know and I’ll pick one up for you :wink:


Somehow I ended up linked to this, it’s the debut solo single from One Direction silly haired shagger Harry Styles.

It’s very 70s influenced . I think @davidm might like it. :smile:


Indulging in some soundtracks while I try to get some work done at home;

That one turns up in a lot of documentaries when they need something epic but poignant.



This is something I’ve just started playing with.

My version of “show tunes”.





You like it. Don´t deny it.



Picked up Ron Trent’s Prescription compilation this week and it’s brought back a lot of good memories.

Morning Factory is so simplistic, but hypnotic and the percussion is so spot on


It’s better than Zayn’s efforts thus far, though I’m not sure he’s the new Bowie, as some have suggested.

I wasn’t familiar with this cover/reworking (they added extra verses) until this week:


New Darkest of the Hillside Thickets album. Backed it when they crowdfunded the recording of the album but haven’t received my disc yet so making do with the Spotify version.


I nearly missed New Music Monday! Today I have been listening to Preternatural (2016) by Moulettes.

They’ve stripped down to a five-piece, guitar-led band for this album, and I think they lose something by not having the instrumental variety of their earlier albums. But the songs are all as strong as ever, and the ahrder rock edge suits them:


Tonight began the Sefira period, where I’m only allowed to listen to acapella songs or songs that are sad to me, which this is.