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What are you listening to?




I’m listening to legendary surf guitarist Dick Dale LIVE IN CONCERT!



I think i already post this song.

Still, it´s sooooooo good.


I’ll be honest, I forgot Tidal was still around.






Not a bad gig for a 12 YEAR OLD:


Beatles - I’ll be back.

I don’t know if it’s a region-blocking thing but I’m having difficulty finding Beatles stuff on YouTube.

This is a Lennon track from the A Hard Day’s Night album, the closing track in fact.


It was the best concert I’ve ever seen :slight_smile:


It’s not regional. They are very strict at taking down unofficial Beatles stuff from Yutube. They have an official Vevo page with a few videos and the rest get blocked by Apple or UMG music (not quite sure who owns the rights now).

When he was alive you couldn’t find Prince music on Youtube, only a handful of TV appearances. The estate doesn’t seem to be enforcing it any more though and now there are plenty.

Of course all the blocking is reactive and I’m not sure how often they do it so you could find stuff one day and then it’s removed the next.


What I’m taking from this is that RINGO STARR MUST DIE.



[quote=“Lorcan_Nagle, post:2243, topic:178, full:true”]
What I’m taking from this is that RINGO STARR MUST DIE.
[/quote]Because Paul (the real one) died in 1967, right?


I was hoping someone would spot that, thank you.


Jonathan Colton is a fucking genius.


The Portal songs are some of the best/worst earworms in history.