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What are you listening to?


Rachel Newton won musician of the year at the BBC folk awards last night. Here’s why:




I’m going to see her live on Tuesday with The Shee (one of her multiple bands). Who sound a bit like this:


Let us know what you thought of it!



edit: Dedicated to @davidm


Er… thanks? :confused:


I know how much you like the modern vibe


I like the beats and shouting.


Today is Favourite Album Friday #11 and I am listening to Deep Purple Live in Copenhagen 1972.

Recently had quite an argument with someone on a Deep Purple forum when I said that the only reason we revere Made in Japan so highly is that it was the first, and when you suddenly have a raft of other live recordings to compare it to it’s actually pretty mediocre.

Copenhagen 1972 perfectly illustrates what I meant. Six months before MiJ, it’s essentially the same set list but you can hear that they’re still exploring how to play the new songs, everything is fresh, dynamic, even chaotic as they feel their way through things. You’re convinced that Highway Star is going to fall apart in the middle, and it’s this glorious unpredictability that makes them (still) the best live band I’ve ever seen:





Who knew Eggsy could sing?


Angel of the morning i used to think it was one of the sappiest most gag inducing songs out there but now i just run the opening to Deadpool through my head while it plays


I think Nora discovered the meaning of life:


I’m warming up to the new Spoon record. I’m a huge fan, but “Hot Thoughts” is taking a while to grow on me. I’m listening to the new Father John Misty right now and I love it, so far. I played “Parade” by Prince & The Revolution a few days ago on the anniversary of its release and I’m still playing it at least every other day. That might be my favorite of his.


Yes with Geddy Lee. Holy Moley :open_mouth:


Ouch. Jon’s voice sounds a bit off though. Bad stage monitoring? He sounded much better on the ARW tour least month.