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What are you listening to?


Listening to the new Mastodon album. A few tracks in so far and it’s OK but I can help feel it’s just a bit too “safe”. There no real challenge to it, it’s just straight forward rock or “Mastodon by numbers” so far.


Thanks to that podcast, I’m revisiting “red album” era Beatles, but stuff not on the “red album”.

Anytime at all!

Things we said today!

When I get home!

(All from A Hard Day’s Night.)


That was their first album of all-original material; as such, it stands out from the other pre-Rubber Soul albums, and has been one of my favorites since the original UK albums became available in the USA.


Later Rainbow line-ups went a bit generic pop rock, and that may have been what turned you off them. The first three albums (with Dio singing) are what you need to hear.


Think you’re spot on there. It’s like I consider Michael McDonald Doobie Brothers a completely separate entity from the real Doobie Brothers (Tom and Patrick). It may be valid, but not near so tasty!


Today is New Music Monday ™ and despite a stack of new albums to listen to I’m going for a single (which in the CD age means 21 minutes and five tracks, but still, they call it a single).

All I got is You (2017) is from Deep Purple’s very-soon-to-be-released album, and it’s a solid song, maybe not a career best but still something that gives me a lot of hope that the album will be a great one.

The disc is padded out with unreleased alternative and live versions. The gem is a solo guitar improvisation, Simple Folk, only 75 seconds long but worth the price of the disc. But I can’t find that on youtube, so here’s the single:



Another concert at a favorite venue I shall not be attending!




Best I can do for you:






It’s Classical Music Wednesday ™ and today I shall be listening to Jean Sibelius, Violin Concerto in D minor.

I went through a phase of obsessively collecting violin concertos, I’ve got all the major ones and a lot of the barely-known ones, and the Sibelius is my absolute favourite. It’s got every mood you could possibly want, all packed into just 30 minutes.


Anders: Hey, Anders, it’s you, me.

Anders: Oh hi.

Anders: Want to feel old?

Anders: No.

Anders: Too bad. This song is seventeen years old now.

Anders: I don’t feel that old. It’s still super relevant.

Anders: That’s true. Typical you, me.


Ohhh, modern music.


You’re really not old :slight_smile:


I don’t feel old. :slight_smile:



Now THIS is how you do a cover/remix.