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What are you listening to?


Thanks to Will I am listening to:

Cool video as usual, too much nudity though.


Great Rendition.


Yeah, I’ve seen them live a couple times. Was a weird experience the first time - went with my typical live music mindset of “grab some beers, have a dance” so it was a bit flat when they started. Second time was much better as I went ready to just stand, listen and “shoegaze”




I don’t get tired of this one.



Today is New Music Monday and I am listening to Deep Purple’s Limitless (2017). Actually a bit of a cheat, as it’s only got two new songs on it, plus a couple of old rarities, plus a couple of recent live tracks. So new-ish. New enough to tide me over until the new album, anyway.

Here’s one of the new tracks (which will also be on the new album):


This came in the mail today. So damned good.


I bought this record in 1992 when it came out. I didn’t know until today (because of the way techno acts used to change their names all the time) that it was the first single from David Holmes. He’s now an accomplished film composer, did all the Ocean’s films.


At the Anderson, Rabin & Wakeman gig last week, my friend asked, “What has Trevor Rabin been doing for the last 20 years?” Oh, he never tours any more, I said (pretending to be an expert), he’s a film composer now. Then I realised I didn’t have a clue what films he had worked on.

So I just checked his discography, and let’s just say none of them have been blockbusters :smiley: . The only one that stood out is this one:

It’s an interesting composition. Rabin says his favourite composer is Arnold Schoenberg, and you can hear the Second Viennese School influences here.

But even knowing it’s Trevor Rabin, it’s not a piece of music I would choose to listen to. I rarely listen to film soundtracks, as I think they don’t really work without the image beats they’re designed to match.


So for Classical Music Wednesday ™ I’m going back to something a bit more mainstream.

Today I shall be mostly listening to Edvard Grieg’s three violin sonatas.

Here’s the first movement of Sonata #1 (which isn’t what I would have chosen – I like #3 – but you can all marvel at the fact the the violinist here is only 12 years old):

Eek, that’s a fast version :open_mouth: . On my disc (by Alexandra Soumm) that movement lasts nine and a half minutes!




I once heard on the radio the Elvis version of this song introduced as “Elvis’ cover of the Pet Shop Boys…”


I´m in a very Amnesty day.


It’s Favourite Album Friday #10 and today I shall be mostly listening to Rainbow’s Live in Germany 1976.

It’s compiled from four shows from the 1976 tour, maybe not necessarily selecting the best performance in each case (but that’s subjective) but there’s nothing bad here. Rainbow were at their peak on this tour, and I’d go as far as saying Blackmore’s guitar playing has never been as good, before or since.

I mean, listen, this is untouchable:

I think this may be my favourite 15 minutes in all recorded music. I think this even beats Bach’s Chaccone :open_mouth:

(For those with short attention spans, you can listen to the first 2 1/2 minutes of the intro then skip to the main solo which starts at 7:05 and goes on for 5 minutes – and yes, you DO need to listen to ALL five minutes.)


A blast to the (not so distant) past.



May contribute to this thread heavily in a bit. Chores first!

Ignored Rainbow as “another haircut band” for years, found recently I rather like them. Looking at the lineup, it seems obvious. But we each only have so much lifespan, eh?