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What are you listening to?




Everyone knows “Stay”, possibly from the Reality Bites soundtrack, but Ms. Loeb had a few other hits including this track which I’d always loved - classic 90s riffage when the chorus kicks in - it’s “Do you sleep?”:


¨nuff said.


Seeing Duran Duran in concert!


It’s from 1973, Meadows is bound to approve:


It’s an instrumental over half an hour long, Meadows is bound to approve:


I think he did a gig at the Hollywood Bowl, and I think I was there.
(Very hectic time.)


Funnily enough I just followed watching that with a documentary on Oldfield.

He was shit scared of performing it live and refused. His management (Branson bribed him with a new Bentley) managed to convince him to do one in a normally classical venue in London. He didn’t perform live on stage again until 1979.

So you may have seen him but nowhere near the time of that film.


Which is why I couched that in “I think” terms. Y’know, it could as easily been a pops concert that featured the tune. 72-75 was extreme madness and exhaustion!



Top Ten, buddy! Real fond of Wednesday Morning, 3am as well.


It’s not movember for another six months!


Hahaha. I noticed the same thing.




And no word of a lie, the next song that came on was this


I maintain that it is impossible to listen to the Beastie Boys without a smile on your face.


That seems like a spectacularly mis-matched bill :confused:

I would normally expect a support act to be at least vaguely in the same genre as the headliners.


I approve :slight_smile:

Saw this concert on BBC4 a few weeks ago. Fantastic to watch how they recreated something that was basically only ever designed to occur in the studio through the magic of multi-tracked tape recorders.