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What are you listening to?



It’s Favourite Album Friday #8, and time for the best album (I’m pretty sure everybody agrees with this) by one of my favourite bands, Close to the Edge by Yes (1972). The title track is 20 minutes of mind-boggling complexity, one of the most ambitious rock compositions ever. (It was played by BBC Radio 3, the classical music station, alongside other contemporary classic music.)

This song is a bit shorter and simpler, but one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard:


Don’t know why, but I’ve always been No on Yes. Just flat don’t like 'em. Now, you know our Venn diagram overlaps, but, to me, Yes is an anomaly, Don’t like them and Supertramp bugs me as well.

In contrast, my love for Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Deep Purple and the once-hated King Crimson continues to grow.

Yep. I’m a lunatic.


I’ve seen YES three times in concert. Each time the band had a different lineup, but the best was the Close to the Edge band – Anderson, Squire, Howe, Wakeman and Bruford.


Not the best choice to write action scenes… but still.



I’ve seen them five times with almost as many lineups :smiley:

On Wednesday I will see them again, in Edinburgh. Well, for legal reasons the ticket says “Anderson Rabin & Wakeman”, but as far as I’m concerned it says “Yes”.

I do envy you seeing the classic (CTTE) line up. I was a little too young at the time :wink:


That was the very next song I listened to and probably my first experience with that song. Jay-Z samples it too.






Played some x-wing yesterday, and going for a big six-player game again today. So, naturally, there’s been a lot of John Williams in the sound system.

I love this track from Episode VII, it’s a great opener to the game.


Kind of sad that Chuck Berry’s only #1 single in the USA was “My Ding-A-Ling”



Today is New Music Monday and I have been listening to Thunder Live at the 100 Club (2017).

There’s nothing fancy about Thunder, they’ve got a formula of basic blues-based hard rock and they stick to it, but they’re bloody good at it. But what makes them special is the tremendous rapport they have with their fans. You really have to see them live to appreciate it, and this album, recorded in a tiny club in front of hard-core fans, creates the live atmosphere perfectly. It makes me wish I had made the effort to catch them on their last tour.

This isn’t from the album, but I’m limited by youtube. Sound quality here is a bit ropey but the performance is superb. How can you not love a blues song that includes lines like “I think you better lay off the Greggs steak bakes baby” and “I was so sad I even cut my toenails too short”? :smiley:


Could listen to the original but… well, What can i say?


I love Legion.



Yeah The Prodigy had 3 hit albums and several top 10 singles in the UK before they broke the US charts with Firestarter.

To give an idea how big they were when I saw them once in Cardiff in 1997 The Foo Fighters were their support act.