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What are you listening to?


Single from my equivalent of @davidm beloved Deep Purple; Ginger Wildheart, about mental health available to purchase at and all proceeds donated to

Worth it for a Geordie and a Canadian trading lyrics over how to pronounce “z”



It Should came as no surprise that a movie called “Sing” has a great OST.

Seriously, give it a try.




Several errors in the onscreen lyrics there…


In the same school of discussion:



It’s about time for another Classical Music Wednesday ™. Today I have been mostly listening to Puccini’s Il Tabarro:

I’m not a big fan of opera to be honest, but this at least has a modern sound so there’s something interesting rather than just a bunch of catchy tunes. Plus it’s pretty short :wink:


Amarilli Nizza clearly being Sally Phillips’ stage name for Opera there.


Had to google Sally Phillips, but yes I can see what you mean :slight_smile:


It’s almost like you never watched Miranda!


In fact it’s almost exactly like that.



It is a sad day when Sally Phillips is best known for Miranda.


To balance the scales, I only know Miranda because of Sally Phillips :wink: