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What are you listening to?


Great vid! I’m more aware of about 80% of the originals, have not heard most of the covers, except … well, sometimes the covers blow the originals out of the water! I like it when both are worthy! Here’s one they didn’t do:


Here’s something a bit unusual…


Ok, I’m hooked…


Needs more pain. A bit on the white side for me, despite technical excellence.

For comparison:

A quick take (not shown) from MTV Unplugged. Anybody who thinks they know some blues know the Walkin’ Blues.


Fleet Foxes are back:



This came on the radio and despite our rule of “no swearing while the child is awake” I had to thrown my fists in the air and yell “Fucking tuuuuuuuuuuuuune!!!”


This is more reading than listening, but I found this to be a really good article.


I’m currently listening to the soundtrack to Girltrash: All Night Long. It’s mostly tracks from Killola’s album Let’s Get Associated, but with lots of changes to lyrics, additional singers from the cast (Killola’s lead singer Lisa was in the film as well) and a few extra tracks. (NSFW though). Kinda weird hearing so many familiar tracks subtly (and not so subtly) different.


One of my favorite tunes, but the things one learns at even an advanced age!

The Yardbirds performing “Heart Full of Soul” in 1968


Keith Relf - vocals
Jim McCarty - drums
Jeff Beck(audio) Jimmy Page(visual)
Chris Dreja - bass
Graham Gouldman -songwriter

So there! :laughing:



It’s Favourite Album Friday #7, and for the first time it’s not a Deep Purple album :open_mouth:

Mostly Autumn at the Grand Opera House (2004)

Everything was perfect for Mostly Autumn at this gig. Their “classic” (and best) line-up, at the height of their powers, playing the biggest show they had ever played, on the heels of the two best albums of their career, in their home town, with an incredible array of guest musicians, and most importantly me in the audience :slight_smile:

This is one of the most emotionally uplifting albums I own. Partly for the memories it represents, but mostly because it’s got music like this:


Highly controversial in its day, sometimes misinterpreted over the years. After getting a perspective-shattering tour of a radio studio, the lyric “The music they play says nothing to me about my life” grew more profound for me. Hang the DJ, oh, hang the DJ…of course, the DJ is out on a smoke break after pre-recording everything, so good luck with that.




That song made me laugh, though The Smiths were far smarmier.


I’m not a huge Green Day fan but I love the album that song was on, ¡Uno!


I prefer Dos! of the whole lot, but Uno! was definitely fun.