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Today is Favourite Album Friday #6 and it’s embarrassing to say that it’s taken me six albums to reach the best live album of all time: Deep Purple’s Made in Japan.

There are other performances from the '72 tour (not to mention other tours) that I prefer, but Made in Japan was Deep Purple’s first official live release and so it has an iconic place in any discography. #6 in my list seems appropriate.

Are there any better ways to open a concert than this?

(That audio is from MIJ but the video is from Copenhagen, hence the syncing problems.)


At one point I knew every Bob Dylan tune, could play and recite them (cannot call it “singing”, there is nothing pleasant about it) up thru Blood on the Tracks. A buddy bought me a ticket and off we went. It was this concert.

I think of this as the perfect companion piece to The Band’s The Last Waltz.

Both should be played LOUD.


BBC 6music seem to be having a 90s uk indie night and it’s bringing back so many memories!!!


A Child of the ´80s is ALWAYS a Child of the ´80s.


I ignored this song for a very long time - it’s Manic Street Preachers album cut “Miss Europa Disco Dancer”, from 2001’s Know Your Enemy. A few handclaps short of a perfect disco pastiche:




I like Ed Sheeran. Got his new album yesterday. Listening to it now. Some good stuff here.


Absolute 90s is playing it now too. I can only ever hear the lyrics as “it’s a crap old vacuum standing on the rooftop…”.


Are you trying to say that isn’t the actual lyric?


Yay, “Britpop”! Always thought this was a killer chorus melody - it’s King of the kerb by Echobelly:

Oh, the new Lorde song is pretty cool:



I know it’s not New Music Monday ™ yet, but I’m listening to the new Mostly Autumn album Sight of Day (2017).

I’m underwhelmed. It’s not bad, but it’s “competent” rather than “great”, nothing has instantly hooked me and it’s missing a lot of the elements that got me into the band in the first place.


This is fun watching. I have to say I knew a fair few of them anyway and are really obvious, surely everyone knows Venus and Love is All Around You are covers (I even bought the single of Talk Talk’s 'It’s My Life"), but a decent number are surprises. I guess it depends a little on age.


I found a few of the newer ones where the song was a cover of a track from only a year or two beforehand surprising.

But using songs from Nirvana Unplugged twice, when Kurt specifically notes who sang the tracks before they play them was a bit obvious.


Yes and quite a few were very big hits the first time round. True Colours by Cyndi Lauper for example was never off the radio in 80s.

Killing Me Softly got me by surprise as I thought it was obvious the original was by Roberta Flack but that was a cover itself.


There were one or two songs in there that surprised me when it turned out the version I thought was the original was also a cover too.


Possibly my favourite ABBA song (tough call, but it’s right up there anyway):