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What are you listening to?


Something for @davidm:


This came on the office playlist and a lot of people are moving to it.

A lot of guys included.


I fell for Ginger Spice then and there.

Good little pop song.

This almost moved me to tears when it came up on my iPod last week as it was the song played after Obama’s final speech as President.

I forgot that it was also the song used to close out Jon Stewart’s run on the Daily Show.

It’s Land of Hope and Dreams by Bruce Springsteen.

(The intro and outro are a bit tacky though.)


Maybe this will make up for it:


Interesting playlist today;





New King Buzzo riffage.


Listening to this on vinyl. It may be even better than Discovery.



Put Homework on, it’s better than anything they did after it!


I actually didn’t care for them as much back then. One of my roommates was a big fan. Air’s Moon Safari is a little more my speed from that time period.


Omfg, that is one of the best albums ever made. I do rate Discovery as one of the all-time greats on a different scale though. I had no idea you liked Daft Punk, man. It’s one of my favourites.



My musical tastes are pretty broad. :wink:


I’m a pretty broad!




I’m an old codger now but I really like this continuation of the approach of the like of the Specials when I was a kid. Adele is a contemporary of Scroobius Pip, sharing gigs when starting out, Ed Sheeran was involved with the UK rap scene despite being a ginger rocker and includes Stormzy here.