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What are you listening to?


New music from the Clouds Harp Quartet:



God, I love this movie so much.


Off to see Scott Sorry in London next week, really looking forward to it







Taylor Dayne!





Today is New Music Monday and I have been listening to Preternatural European Special Edition (2017) by Moulettes.

It’s a re-issue of their 2016 album, with a bonus disk of new content: a collection of live versions, alternate arrangements, foreign language versions, etc.

Not all of the new versions are improvements, but with 16 tracks over 69 minutes there’s still plenty of interesting stuff here.

This is one alternative take that was already released on youtube, but it’s nice to have on disc anywat:



Still almost exclusively on a Manics kick - here’s one of the handful of passable songs on their double-album debut - it’s “Little baby nothing” (featuring Traci Lords (they wanted Kylie Minogue but she turned them down, being a new band at the time; the band did eventually write a few songs for her “serious” album and she provided vocals to a later track of theirs)).

It’s about female exploitation and whatnot. James is the only band member to appear, and he’s looking pretty… sexual.





New At The Drive-In: