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What are you listening to?



Also listening to a little Shuggie today.



This makes me laugh for a number of reasons, most of them wrong:


Currently listening to some ISIS (the band. If you’re into this stuff, you know) if you’re not, they’re not associated with the terrorist group =P

On this topic, for those that are into metal. Here’s a question for you (We can redirect this elsewhere if it’s not an appropriate place).
I was talking with a co-worker the other morning about ISIS and similar bands: Pelican, Jesu, Boris - the more “sludge” type of metal/post-rock/whatever you want to call it now and we were wondering if younger kids will appreciate this type of music these days. I’m only 26, but metal has gone in so many directions over the years, it seems like the type of people that do enjoy these bands are my age or older. Nowadays kids are all into the djent stuff and the more tech. metal. Don’t get me wrong. I love Meshuggah and Animals as Leaders, Gojira and so on…but once again, I grew up digging anything that was heavy. I appreciate the less technical kind of metal. I also love prog-rock/metal. Between the Buried and Me, Mars Volta, Opeth, yadda yadda…I’m just curious what you think. Are those bands losing touch because they aren’t as technical? Do you think younger generations will still dig it?



He’s gone corporate.


Holy shit, Chris Rock got a divorce?!?!



Fake news.


Today is New Music Monday!

Today I have been listening to Time for Bedlam, the single taken from Deep Purple’s upcoming new album. I don’t usually bother with singles, but this one comes with a second new track that won’t appear on the album (what we used to call a "non-album B-side) and a recording of a studio rehearsal for another album track (which should be great to compare with the album version, so we can all argue about whether they kept the best solos).

The fourth track is the gem of the single for me, though. It’s a new instrumental version of Uncommon Man from the last album, and has a breathtaking variant of the opening guitar solo. Steve Morse is just awesome.



Never really knew what this song was about but it’s all become clear now I’ve heard this version with proper lyrics.

Here, a just met y’like
Nd this is mental
But heres me number
So giz a ring will y’pet


Here’s my favorite version of that song.


Come on…no love for Shuggie? :wink:


best version was the the Batman version. I can’t find it on you tube though. It used clips from the Dark Knight Rises so it may have been removed for copy right reasons.:sob:
here is what I could find


This is an interesting article that hits on something @garjones and I have talked about at length before.

Especially how he explains the source of his income.

After I made my second mixtape and gave it away online, my plan was to sign with a label and figure out my music from there. But after meeting with the three major labels, I realized my strength was being able to offer my best work to people without any limit on it.

I make money from touring and selling merchandise, and I honestly believe if you put effort into something and you execute properly, you don’t necessarily have to go through the traditional ways.


It’s interesting to compare with the bands who experimented with giving away music for free about 10 years ago. Radiohead had an inbuilt audience and could get away with it, same with nine inch nails, but Saul Williams did the same with The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust, his album which Trent Reznor produced, and he was nowhere near a big name. Within two months, 154,449 people downloaded it, of which 28,232 people paid the suggested donation of $5, for a total income of $141,610. The number of people who paid was in line with Williams’ traditional album sales, so assuming his share of that $5 per sale was close to his share of a traditional album sale, he likely didn’t mind so much. The free option was removed after 100,000 downloads.


How did only 28,232 people of 154,449 pay if it ceased being free after 100,000 downloads? To be fair, he’s not completely unknown if Reznor produced the album.


I mistyped, when they took down the free download they claimed they planned to do it after 100,000 downloads.