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What are you listening to?


I’m listening to the new Katzenjammer album. Was rather looking forward to it but I have to admit I’m a little bit disappointed by it. It’s not bad by any means it just that it’s very… safe. I think that’s worse than it being bad. It’s just a bit middle of the road and missing those tracks that were on the first couple of albums that make your heart sing.

The lead single is nice enough I guess.

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Ah, that’s disappointing.

I’ll still listen to the album for myself (but only on spotify), but that single already sounds like what you described. Damn shame.


Alan Parsons Project Live (which is rare) in Madrid, 2004.

What I love is how tight the music is written and produced, yet the guys are so good they can be loose in that tight format!


Yeah, I Spotified it before committing to purchasing it. I don’t think I’ll bother now.




Argent - In Deep (1973)

1 God Gave Rock and Roll to You *****
2 It’s Only Money Part 1 ***
3 It’s Only Money Part 2 ***
4 Losing Hold ****
5 Be Glad ****
6 Christmas for the Free ***
7 Candles on the River ****
8 Rosie **

Album score: 62.5

Argent straddled the line between prog and pop-rock, and this album shows that as well as anything. Extended jazz-organ solos sit in the middle of lengthy rock arrangements, but share space with simple rockers like Rosie (could have been a Rod Stewart hit) and weird pop things like Christmas for the Free. This isn’t their best album, but has one of their best songs, so it still sits pretty high in my chart.

If you’ve only heard the inferior Kiss cover of this, you owe it to yourself to hear the original:


The Kendrick Lamar album (To Pimp a Butterfly) is excellent. It was released on iTunes last night a week ahead of schedule.


Big Krit Caddillatica best rap album ln like forever.


Blur’s first new single in many a year. I like it.


Its damn good isn’t it?!


Best new band of the millennium. I can’t understand why the whole world isn’t listening to them:

Moulettes - Glorious Year:

Dammit I made the youtube embed work before and now it won’t do it any more.

Ha, got it.

It seems you have to put it on a line by itself.


Argent - Nexus (1974)

1 The Coming of Kohoutek ****
2 Once Around the Sun ****
3 Infinite Wanderer ****
4 Love **
5 Music from the Spheres ****
6 Thunder and Lightning ***
7 Keeper of the Flame ***
8 Man for All Reasons ****
9 Gonna Meet My Maker **

Album score: 58.3

This was the last album by the original Argent line-up, and it’s unusual for being 50% instrumentals. In fact, it’s the instrumentals that are the best thing here, with the songs being rather uninspired (other than A Man for All Reasons, which I really like).


I’m looping “Stronger Than You” sung by Estelle, written by Rebecca Sugar from the “Jailbreak” episode of Steven Universe.


Just listened to a young woman called Ray Morris singing “All You Need Is Love” on The One Show with band of about 20 pieces.

It was fucking terrible.


Always liked Rod Argent. “Hold Your Head Up” and such! From Wiki: " He also did studio vocals for The Alan Parsons Project." O-kay!

Good article, if you haven’t read it.


The last few episodes have been pretty rad.


Rod Argent never sang with the Alan Parson Project, unless only an uncredited backing vocal or something, which seems unlikely. I I think you’re mis-reading the wiki article:

Colin Blunstone started a solo career after a brief period outside the music
business, including working in the burglary claims section of an insurance
company. Both Argent and White provided him with new songs. He also did studio
vocals for The Alan Parsons Project.[1]

Colin Blunstone is one of my favourite singers. Beautiful voice with a unique vocal style. I still see the Zombies on every tour and he’s as good as ever. It’s criminal that they were almost completely ignored in the UK (though a lot more successful overseas). When they introduce Time of the Season it’s always with “This was a top ten hit in [lists about 30 countries]… but not the UK!”

A new album is due this year :slight_smile:


Oops. Good thing I don’t read this stuff all alone, huh? I’d be one confused old fart! (I miss the smilies. Notice how nobody is using the scary new ones?)

Here’s the thing, David. I’ve never been interested in “the private lives of celebrities”. I grew up with my dad running a Beverly Hills restaurant that had the Rat Pack in it most nights, and almost everybody had some contact in the entertainment industry. Those “private lives” included me, and the last thing I needed was an article in Celebrity Teen Nonsense Magazine or whatever. I do like following productions and the odd twists and turns projects take. But I’ve never been one to follow band members, musician changes, or stuff like that. If Band X broke up, I’d think “Okay, next!” (with the exception of CCR, which was “Oh crap!” and the Doobie Brothers hiring Michael MacDonald, to which I reacted “Oh, nononononononoNO!”). Rockers also tend to die early, so there’s a bit of caution investing one’s emotions. Some are just stage shows, devoid of content. Some, one does not realize were so amazing good until years later.

Eric Burden is still kicking around, too! And there is no rationale whatsoever for Keith Richards or Tony Bennett.


Understand what you’re saying, Miqque. I have no interest in their private lives at all. I don’t care who lives where or who’s married to whom, or who hates whom, it’s not my business. Even the (tiny) number of professional musicians I am on speaking terms with, I don’t know anything at all about their private lives.

But following band break ups, musician changes, etc., – yes, absolutely yes. I heard a singer I liked with the APP, and if I hadn’t looked up who it was and saw what else he had done, hadn’t found the history of his old band with Rod Argent (the Zombies) and how they split and what they did next, I wouldn’t be sitting here writing about about my Argent CDs now. In the rock world (I don’t know about other genres), there is so much movement between bands that it’s almost essential to follow that to keep finding new music. Who the hell cares whether Ritchie Blackmore hates David Coverdale or vice versa, or who threw the palte of spaghetti over whom, what’s important is that you need to know Blackmore quit Deep Purple otherwise you would never have any reason to check out a new band called “Rainbow”…

Did you ever hear of a guy called Pete Frame? He creates family trees of rock bands, and I absolutely love them:

Isn’t that just the coolest thing you’ve ever seen?