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Western Comics - cowboys etc.


I was just wondering if anybody could recommend any good western comics to me?


Jimmy Palmiotti’s Jonah Hex (and what ever it was called post Nu52) is meant to be really good. I’ve got the first couple and they’re great.


Ah, my curiosity about All-Star Western was the inspiration for this thread. I only picked up the first issue after the New 52 but always meant to get the trades.


All-Star Western was great, definitely one of the top books of the New 52. I thought it went off the rails towards then end of the run, when I guess they were in danger of cancellation and were trying to put in crowd-pleasing guest stars, but certainly the first couple of years of it were worth getting.


Look for Marvel’s “Blaze of Glory: The Last Ride of the Western Heroes” and “Apache Skies” by John Ostrander and Leonardo Manco. Both are great books.


That’s cool to know. I was worried that he stayed in Gotham and then they brought him to the present and whatnot.


Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray’s Jonah Hex/All Star Western run was really great and has some great guest artists like Darwyn Cooke and Luke Ross.

John Ostrander has done a couple of decent westerns. He did the Kents for DC with Timothy Truman. It is based on the history of Clark Kent’s ancestors through the Civil War. I don’t know if it is still in print. He also did some stuff for Marvel with Leonardo Manco (Blaze of Glory I think it was called. It was pretty good.

Marvel also did a Modern dress western called Six Guns by Andy Diggle. It has a bit more of an 1980’s action vibe (complete with made up South American country).


Cannot agree with this more! All-Star Western was absolutely terrific, maybe IMO the best comic in the Nu52. All the way up to the Booster Gold issue.

The secret to Westerns is look for the names John and/or Marie Severin and go from there.


I’d heard of that and it sounds quite bizarre. Is it worth reading?

Also I’d completely missed that Andy Diggle western. I’ll look into that, thanks.


I suggest you check out:

Outlaw Territory Volumes 1-3: Each are anthology volumes of short stories with some of the best creators going. Excellent value as each trade is around 200 pages.

Jonah Hex / All-Star Western: This is superb and deserves it’s rep.

Witchfinder Volume 2: Don’t worry about the numbering, this is a great self-contained tale with Severin art.

The Sixth Gun: Ok, more supernatural western than just western, but really good stuff.

Lone Ranger Omnibus 1: This is a great 25-issue arc and well worth looking, trade’s good value too.


I love the Tom Strong Western story-arc with the giant ants and three-eyed cowboys.

Garth Ennis & Cam Kennedy’s “Streets of Laredo” story arc in The Punisher is great, too. That’s a modern Western along the lines of No Country for Old Men.


“Rawhide Kid: Slap Leather” by Ron Zimmerman and John Severin was amusing though the sequel was pretty weak.


That sounds kinda neat. I’m definitely looking into those.
Was any volume particularly better than the others?


I’ve wanted to give Jean Giraud’s Blueberry a try for a while now but it is not currently available in the US to my knowledge.


Yeah, I don’t think they’ve translated any into English since the 90s. Oh well, I can’t think of a better reason to learn French.


I heartily concur. I totally forgot about this. I read the Brett Matthews/Sergio Cariello Lone Ranger. These were really, really good. A bit of a slow burn but worth it.


I thought so. It is told as a bit of Kent family history and doesn’t really allude to the Superman mythos except for the framing device which sees Jonathan Kent unearthing some old family papers and then writing to tell Clark what he finds. Otherwise it is played totally straight.

I enjoyed it. It is very much a Civil war story and having read a book or two about Kansas and Missouri during that period (as well as being a huge fan of the Outlaw Josey Wales), I thought that it was well done.


I actually bought the French edition of Weapons of the Metabarons with Travis Charest art and muddled my way through the French. They printed an English edition later but the French one is huge and very cool.


I bought a nice Dylan Dog collection that’s in Italian. Maybe if I buy my Italian friend a nice meal she’ll translate it for me?

So many cool comics have not been translated into English. I have some Mecha comic with art by Bengal that looks pretty stunning (but again, it’s French).


Wasn’t there a Dynamite run of Lone Ranger with art by John Cassaday? Or did he just do the covers? I also seem to recall a good very early run of Ghost Rider - the Western, not Johnny Blaze - also called Night Rider (changed after finding this was a term used by the Klan) and for most of the run Phantom Rider. A use for that Marvel all-Access thingy!