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Weredevil issue 1 - I'm so proud!


Hey all!
I’m extremely proud to invite You all to check my first co-created comic “Weredevil”, Issue no. 1 which has been launched on Comixology today:

If You like it, we have a second comic in line - Deatwitch - on Comixology as well, not to mention two other titles.

I’m so pumped up!!! :slight_smile:


Congratulations! Getting your first books up on Comixology is a milestone.

A quick question… why a print comic price for a digital comic?


Congrats! I hope to put my own book up there one day soon!


I have to ask a head of operation (and scriptwriter for all Reality titles) Keith Planit. He took the job of managing the strategies, publications, setting all social media anchors, pricing, etc.


Ah, gotcha. I was just curious. Usually digital comics are much cheaper because there’s not an overhead cost for actual physical printing (the main reason why the cover prices for print comics are so high in the first place).