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***We're back!***


As mentioned on the front page, the very high volume of traffic in the final days of the talent search crashed our server. Now Jim has had us upgraded and all is beautiful.

Talent search extended until Thursday, midnight LA time to compensate. Good luck all!



God bless you and O’Hara and the offspring! This board has really taken off since you two began colluding (or planning or whatever adjective).

Having some idea of how much work is involved, thank you very much!


The Offspring had nothing to do with it. they recorded this terrible song instead.


I thought for sure it was Red Skull and his minions taking out Millarworld! :wink:
I like the round feel of the place. :slight_smile:


See? I thought the Offspring was a short story drawn by Frank Quitely.


Dammit, now you’ve spoiled the plot of my Millarworld Annual submision :angry:


Longest 24 hours of my life…


We’re back, and it looks like we lost the ability to mark our favorite topics (with the star). I thought it was quite convenient.


I’m pretty sure this can be marked as offensive. To my ears and soul that is.


Is it just me or are all the image links from before the site change coming up as broken? I was going through the creative central threads and they are full of Xs!


There is currently a problem with some of the larger images that have been uploaded to the board. Jim and his team are currently working on it with the board software providers.


I noticed this as well. A shame, I liked that feature too.


Out of curiousity, what did the star do for you that bookmarking or tracking did not? I never used it.


You could have a list of starred threads at the click of a button - just like the unread or latest list - and clicking on them would take you to the latest post in the thread. Bookmarked threads are mixed in with your bookmarked posts and clicking on a bookmarked thread takes you to the first post every time.

Not complaining (much). Just noting its passing.


I asked. You can do something similar with tracking and the unread tab though can’t you? It might not be as focused or precise but it’s what I’ve used.


Focused and precise are exactly what I’m looking for though!!!


You know you’re just going to read it all anyway. :wink:


The advantage was that if there was no new message in your starred thread you could still have instant access to it. For instance, I had all the monthly sollicitation threads starred. Whenever I wanted to know what one publisher had sollicited two months ago, I could use this feature.


I just realized that we have a direct shortcut to the bookmarks when clicking on the profile picture. It’s only one more click than when the star was here. I can live with it. :wink: